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10 Fun and Healthy Last Minute Gift Ideas

Dec 22 2023

Trying to find the perfect gift during the holiday season can be a difficult task. And when you add in thinking of last-minute gift ideas, it can become even harder!

Whether you’re shopping for your mom or younger brother, these fun and healthy gift ideas will make shopping easier. Bonus — they’re designed for all budgets!

1. Spa certificate

Spa gifts are perfect for the person on your shopping list who always forgets to take a moment for themselves. A massage relaxes a person’s muscles and releases their natural “feel good” chemical called endorphins, leaving them calm and refreshed.

2. Fitness tracker

There are many different types of trackers, ranging from the basic pedometer to one that details when steps are taken, as well as continually checking heart rate and sleep patterns. Because of these many options, fitness trackers are a great gift for both the all-star athlete and the person just beginning their journey to health and wellness.

3. Water bottle

A fun water bottle is a great way to motivate yourself to drink more water. From water bottles that connect to apps to ones that keep drinks cold or hot all day, there is truly something for everyone.

4. Healthy cookbook

The perfect gift for the family member that you can’t keep out of the kitchen. Help enhance your loved one’s cookbook collection by giving them a book encouraging them to make healthier meals. This is the healthy gift idea that keeps giving — with delicious meals throughout the year!

5. A gym membership

The gift of exercise is a great gift for anyone! Old or young, already active or looking to step up their workout routine. Plus, did you know that we at Mercy Health have multiple healthplex locations? Find one near you today and learn about getting a membership.

6. Posture-improving chair

This gift is for the one who is equally dedicated to work and health. When you’re spending long hours working in the office, it’s easy to begin slouching. Practicing better posture isn’t only good for the spine; it affects mood, attitude and how we carry ourselves.

7. Yoga mat

Yoga mats are a perfect gift for anyone who wants to stay active! In addition to being used for yoga, you can use these for Pilates, a lower body circuit or a core workout. They’re available at all price points and in countless fun designs.

8. Fruit of the month club

Nowadays, many of us have monthly subscription boxes. Why not subscribe to one that’s good for your health? These clubs are a great way to try different fruits that you usually wouldn’t buy at the store. Also, they’ll help the gift recipient eat healthy all year round!

9. Puzzle book

Being in a sharp mental condition is just as important as being in shape physically. Puzzle books range from a variety of skill levels, from beginner to expert, for both kids and adults.

10. Fidget spinner or stress ball

When the mind is under stress, it’s natural to want to move your fingers or hands. This is why we often click pens, crack knuckles or play with strands of hair. Having something to “fidget” with helps soothe the mind and calm the body.

We hope you find something for everyone on your list with these fun and healthy last-minute gift ideas. 

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