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How to Stay Motivated to Exercise in Cold Weather

Oct 27 2022

Getting motivated to go for that jog or bike ride is a lot easier when it’s warm and sunny outside. But when those cold fall and winter months roll around, and it feels like it’s always dark and gloomy, it can be hard to find the inspiration to stay in shape.

Need some motivation? Start with these tips for pumping yourself up for exercise during the cold weather months.  

1. Change your schedule. 

There is no set time during the day that you have to exercise. If you normally go for a morning jog, but it’s too cold to get out of bed, switch to evenings. If you typically exercise in the evenings, but the time changed and it’s too dark, try hitting the gym on your lunch break. Once you figure out what works for you, stick to it each day.

2. Create a new playlist. 

Music is the ultimate motivation, especially for working out. If you need something to get you going, try making a new playlist. It could make you want to exercise so you can jam to your favorite tunes. It could also keep you distracted from the cold.

3. Buy some new winter exercise clothes. 

You know how you buy new workout gear and you can’t wait to wear it? Treat yourself to some new winter exercise clothes. They can also help keep you safe from the weather and cold. Just make sure you wear layers when you exercise. This way, if it gets too warm, you can take some off. Also, make sure you keep your hands, feet and ears covered.

4. Exercise with a friend.  

One way that always helps you stay motivated, no matter the time of year, is working out with a friend. Even when you don’t feel like going to a workout session, you don’t want to let your friend down. They’ll hold you accountable. If you chat while you exercise, it’ll also distract you from the weather.

5.  Move your workouts inside. 

There’s no shame in moving your workout indoors. If you typically jog, buy yourself a treadmill. Trade bike rides for a gym membership for a few months. Look for an indoor pool. You can always switch back to the outdoors when it warms up again.

6. Try something new. 

Have you been thinking about signing up for that yoga class? Taking ballet? Joining the local basketball team? Joining the local mall walkers club? There is no time like the present. Find something fun that you’ve always wanted to do and give it a try this winter. 

7. Set a goal for spring or summer.

Try setting a goal for the warmer weather months. Maybe there is a race you want to run in early spring. Or maybe you have a vacation coming up and want to be ready to hike long distances. Knowing your goal is just around the corner can keep you motivated during the winter months.  

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