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Stay Healthy and Safe this Halloween

Oct 4 2019

Check out these quick tips for Halloween health and safety!

October is here, and Halloween season is upon us. Time for parties, costumes, pumpkin carving, treats and, of course, trick-or-treating.

Despite the chaos of these seasonal festivities, it is important to keep health and safety top of mind. Here are some quick tips to help your family have the best Halloween this year, according to the CDC.

Candy and Treats

With all the extra treats, make sure your kids are still getting a balanced diet. Focus on providing meals with protein as well as fruits and veggies. These healthy foods will give your kids the nutrition and energy they need this Halloween season. Drinking lots of water and getting good amounts of sleep are essential too, especially before trick-or-treating.

As for candy, be sure to examine pieces for choking hazards before your kids indulge. Also, while trick-or-treating, have your kids avoid homemade treats or any items that could have potentially been tampered with.

Costumes and Decorations

It is important costumes are not only fun, but also safe. Avoid purchasing costumes or masks that obstruct your child’s vision in order to prevent falls. It is also a good idea to make sure costumes are flame-resistant. If your child’s costume requires make-up, test it out first on a small area of their skin. This can help prevent any possible large allergic reactions.

With jack-o-lanterns and candles, keep them away from walkways as well as young children and animals. Never leave either of these items unattended.

Out and About

While trick-or-treating, it is important your kids go with a group and never alone. Make sure someone carries a flashlight to help prevent any trips or falls in the dark. Always walk on the sidewalk and, if possible, wear reflective tape to help drivers spot your group.

Halloween and flu season go hand in hand. Before heading out and right when you get home, have your children wash their hands. This will help prevent spreading germs and getting sick.

It is also a good idea to have your family get their flu shots prior to tick-or-treating, attending parties or being around lots of people this Halloween season. Schedule an appointment with you child’s pediatrician to learn more.

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