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Post-Vacation Reset and Recovery Tips

Apr 5 2024

Check out our guide to your post-vacation reset!

Congratulations, you’ve recently found time to get away on a well-deserved vacation. But now that you’re back to real life, it might be time to consider rethinking those habits you brought home with you.

Whatever fun you had, here are tips to get your eating and fitness habits back on track in a couple of days.

Make the effort to eat clean

After returning from a trip, it’s important to reset your digestive system. If you’re feeling bloated, a post-vacation detox eliminates the sugar and salt cravings you may have developed while away.

Hit up the grocery store for whole, nutrient-rich foods, including fresh produce and lean proteins. Try adding a smoothie made from fresh fruit and Greek yogurt to your breakfast routine or meal prep for your first week back using chicken breasts. Also, try your best to eliminate carbohydrates and starchy foods like rice and bread.

Hide the scale

Don’t ruin your vacation memories by stepping on a scale right after you get home. Give yourself a few days to get your healthy eating habits back on track first. You’ll lose what are probably just a few pounds of water weight that you gained on your trip in no time. Plus, you won’t start out feeling discouraged after your post-vacation reset.

Get moving 

After returning home, start up your normal exercise routine again. However, be sure to build back up slowly to your typical activity level to avoid injury, as most likely, your exercise habits stopped, slowed down or changed while on vacation. You can ensure you have time reserved during your day specifically for physical activity by signing up for a workout class.

Stay hydrated

When you get home, increase your water consumption, as there is a good chance you got a little dehydrated during your trip. Water can also help you reduce bloat and inflammation.

Don’t like the taste of plain water? Add flavor with fresh fruit, such as berries, lemon wedges or orange slices. Also, start a new habit by drinking a glass of warm water and lemon when you wake up.

Take time to decompress

It is just as important to reset your mind after your vacation as it is to reset your body.

Take time to unwind and process all the unique experiences you had. Unpack and unclutter your house, but don’t make your to-do list too long the first week back home. Try your best to ease back into the hustle and bustle of daily life.

All these tips will help make your post-vacation reset a success!

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