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Post-Vacation Reset

Jul 19 2018

How to get back in the swing of things after a big trip

Congratulations, you found time to get away on a well-deserved vacation. You’ll always have your memories. Now that you’re back to real life, consider rethinking those habits you brought home. Did you hit the buffet table or sip drinks on the beach all day? Maybe sightseeing with family and friends tired you out. Whatever fun you had, here are tips to get your eating habits back on track in a couple of days.

Eat clean and green

Reset your digestive system. If you feel bloated, a post-vacation detox eliminates the sugar and salt cravings you’ve developed. There’s no need for starvation diets. Clean up your diet by eating whole and natural foods, fresh fruits and raw or steamed vegetables. Add green smoothies into your breakfast routine. Keep meals healthy with lean protein. Eliminate carbohydrates and starchy foods like rice and bread.

Hide the scale

Don’t weigh yourself right after you get home. Don’t ruin your vacation memories by stepping on a scale. Once you start eating better, you’ll lose what are probably just a few pounds of water weight that you gained from eating and drinking a little too much. Hide that scale before you go on vacation. What’s out of sight will be out of mind. That applies to scales.

Cut the cocktails

Reset after vacation by detoxing from alcohol. Indulging is fine on vacation. Now that you’re back, it’s time to put a cork in it. To lose the bloat from your face, try going cold turkey as soon as you get home.

Rev yourself up

Start or continue an exercise plan after vacation. After coming home, build back up slowly to pre-vacation levels to avoid injury. Most likely your exercise habits stopped, slowed down or changed while on vacation. Get back in the swing of things by scheduling post-vacation workouts. Make sure you have time reserved during the day specifically for physical activity.

Stay hydrated

When you get home, decrease the amount of alcohol you have to levels lower than what you drank while on vacation. At the same time, increase the amount of water you drink. Fresh water or plain seltzer can eliminate the cravings you have for high-calorie beverages. Add flavor to water and seltzer with fresh fruit such as berries, lemon wedges or orange slices. Start a new habit by waking up and drinking a glass of warm water and lemon. It can reduce bloat and inflammation.


Reset your mind after your vacation. Relax and unwind after all the unique experiences you had. Take slow walks if you’re feeling restless after being on the go or staying in hotels. Unpack and clean your house. It can help you feel like you’re back in a familiar environment.

Taking time off has proven benefits. You’ll be more productive, have better heart health and feel less stressed. Don’t hesitate to book your vacation. If you’re thinking of taking time off or you’ve just come back from vacationing overseas, consider a check-up if you have any unusual health symptoms. Visit Mercy.com today to make an appointment with a primary care physician or specialist.

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