Judy Smith

Judy Passionate About Her Work in Our Mobile Stroke Unit

Oct 29 2021

Meet Judy Smith, a radiologic technologist in the Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) at Mercy Health — St. Vincent Medical Center. Judy became a radiologic technologist because of her desire to help people and her love of technology.

“The field is rewarding and gives me the ability to make a difference,” Judy shares. “I chose it because it is a fast-paced, challenging job with many opportunities and the ever-growing innovations of technology. While working for the MSU, I have furthered my career by achieving my CT registry and became an EMT-B.”

Judy feels she works alongside a group of talented individuals who all are committed to bringing Lucas County and the surrounding areas the best stroke care. During her 31 years with our ministry, Judy has found herself on the cutting edge of stroke care.

“The ability to be part of a team that can start stroke care prior to the patient even arriving at the hospital is rewarding. … Being able to work for this program has made me feel that this is what I was meant to do,” she shares.  

Today is World Stroke Day, and Judy believes this day is very important because it’s an opportunity to inform the public about the signs and symptoms of a stroke. It is also a time to emphasize the importance of not hesitating to call 911 if someone thinks their loved one is having a stroke.   

“The average age of people having strokes is becoming younger and younger,” Judy shares. “Stroke is the leading cause of disabilities, and education to the public is vital to help prevent these long-term disabilities.”

Overall, Judy is excited about her future at Mercy Health because she feels our neuroscience team is changing the landscape of stroke treatment.

“Whether it is treatment on our Mobile Stroke Unit, neuro-intensive care unit or clinical trials, our neuroscience team is impacting the future of stroke care!”

Learn more about strokes as well as the stroke care services we offer at Mercy Health.

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