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Dayna’s Story: Celebrating 20 Years of Being a Physical Therapist

Sep 5 2019

At Mercy Health, we appreciate all of our amazing employees. This includes our sports / orthopedic services team and, of course, our physical therapists.

Meet Dayna Pirrwitz, a physical therapist from Toledo, OH.

A graduate of the University of Toledo, Dayna has been a physical therapist for 20 years.

“I always knew I wanted to go into the medical field,” Dayna reveals. “As a young kid I would visit my grandma at a care center and loved seeing the staff help her.”

After injuring her knee in high school, Dayna was exposed to the world of physical therapy and decided it was the right profession for her.

“I love that it allows me to solve biomechanical problems and assist people at the same time,” Dayna says.

Her job at Mercy Health also allows Dayna to focus on her passion for running.

While at the University of Toledo, Dayna participated in both cross country and track.

“Running is a sport I truly love,” Dayna states. “It allows a person to push themselves individually but still be part of a team.”

Mercy Health has given the running medicine team in Toledo the unique opportunity to perform track-side screens of runners participating in a local marathon training group.

When completing track-side screens, runners have the opportunity to get recommended exercises as well as faster access to clinic services. At the clinic, video analysis is available to change running mechanics if needed. Overall, this allows runners to train for their upcoming race to the best of their ability.

“These screenings allow us to catch injuries earlier and make changes to run mechanics,” says Dayna.

We appreciate all of our employees, like Dayna, who live out our mission of helping our patients and communities every day.

Learn more about the physical therapy and rehab services offered by Mercy Health.

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