Deb Rogers, a Mercy Health Physical Therapy patient, sits in front of the orthopedic team members who helped her walk again
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From a Wheelchair to Walking Again: Deb’s Orthopedic Success Story

Jul 1 2019

Because of determination, skill and prayer, Deb walks again

Chronic low back pain once hindered the life of Deb Rodgers, 63, Mercy Health patient. She now walks freely thanks to Mercy Health – Springfield Physical Therapy Rehabilitation.

Deb Rodgers had low back pain since 2014. She went through various therapies with no improvement.

In December of 2018, things worsened as she fell and hurt her back in a way that made it impossible to walk and even difficult to move. She had neuro surgery and spent 23 days in an Acute Rehab Unit. There she began to build strength and prepare to move on to physical therapy.

She was offered home rehab but chose to come to Mercy Health – Springfield Physical Rehabilitation instead. She had previously been to physical therapy with Mercy Health for neck complications and wanted that reliable care she was familiar with.

On January 8, Deb arrived using a wheelchair. She was introduced to and evaluated by Pat Dolan, Physical Therapy Supervisor. Pat was the first person she met that day. He asked her questions and about her personal goals.

Deb shares: “From the first second I met him, Pat made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. I knew that I was going to walk again! I appreciate him so much.”

Deb was determined to walk on her own again.

She learned many things during her visits three times a week. Kitty Vuenen and Nick Applin, Physical Therapy Assistants, were also members of the diverse team that helped Deb to reach her goals. She continued to heal and gain more strength as she learned totally different exercises and movements from her normal routines. She appreciated the unique approaches each member of her care team took. “I can’t say enough about how great they all were!”

Deb shares of her journey to recovery, “I just had to keep telling myself ‘I am going to do this.’” Through her own perseverance and the skill of the team, she was able to walk again. “My determination and their help made all the difference… and the Lord of course!”

Through everyone’s efforts and care, she was discharged on March 29.

Deb believes that without prayer or the Lord being with her, she would not have made it through. “This is my testimony right here.”

Deb is now happily walking again, spending time in her garden and with her church community and community.

We are always looking for ways to provide expanded services close to home for our patients, like Deb, which is why we are excited to be renovating the Mercy Health – Springfield Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. The newly renovated facility includes a new orthopedic suite, expanded wellness facility and redesigned rehabilitation area.

Visit our website to learn more about the many orthopedic services Mercy Health has to offer.

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