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How to Manage Your Diabetes During the Holiday Season

Dec 18 2019

Managing your diabetes during the holidays can be difficult and stressful. Being around homemade treats, holiday beverages, and high-calorie foods is hard for anyone to resist.

We are here to help! Check out these tips to help you prepare for and manage your diabetes during this holiday season. They are approved by Lisa Joliat, M.D., a Mercy Health primary care physician.

Eat a healthy breakfast before a big meal

You might be tempted to skip breakfast to save your appetite for that big holiday dinner. However, if you eat a healthier, filling breakfast, you will be less likely to indulge in unhealthy options during the evening.

Watch your portion sizes

Portion control is critical for people with diabetes. Eating too much of certain item can affect your blood sugar. Thus, it’s important to focus on balancing your meals.

When filling your plate, keep these guidelines in mind:

One-fourth Plate for Lean Protein: turkey, chicken, lean beef, fish
One-fourth Plate for Carbohydrates: grains, pasta, potatoes, bread
One-half Plate for Green Vegetables: non-starchy veggies like salad, green beans, asparagus

Take a walk after you eat

Taking a quick walk after you eat is beneficial in many ways, so grab a family member and stroll around the block! You’ll be able to burn some calories while giving yourself time to digest before you dive into the dessert table.

Use healthier alternatives

Almost all your favorite holiday foods have easy, healthier alternatives. For example, simply swapping cauliflower mashed potatoes for regular mashed potatoes will help you avoid a lot of carbohydrates and it tastes just as good. Research some other healthy food alternatives, you can find them everywhere.

Remember the reason for the season

It’s easy to get caught up in all the holiday parties and delicious food around you. However, don’t forget that the whole idea of the holiday season is to spend time with your loved ones. Try not to get too caught up in the stress of what you shouldn’t eat. Simply enjoy the leisure time with your family and friends and make little decisions along the way for a more balanced diet.

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