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Life After Surgical Weight Loss: Mark’s Story

Jan 31 2018

He’s eating better, moving easier, and even has his first job. Learn more about life after surgical weight loss.

467. That’s a number that was striking to Mark Wright, since it represents the number of pounds he was at his heaviest.

But today, Mark has a new number. 182 represents the number of pounds he’s lost since undergoing weight loss surgery at Mercy Health.

“The overall experience with my weight loss has been amazing. I find that I’m much more outgoing. It’s changed how I see myself,” Mark said. “I’m no longer afraid of walking up to someone and saying ‘hi.’ I no longer have the perception that they’re judging me because of my size.”

In addition to the internal and external changes Mark has seen, his lifestyle looks different as well. He’s eating differently, moving is easier and he’s no longer confined to the sedentary activities that he once was.

Throughout all the change, one of the best parts for Mark is that he never had to face any of it alone. Mark says his team of Mercy Health nurses, doctors, dieticians and nutritionists was there for him from Day 1.

“The office visits were wonderful. You see the nutritionists every time you go into the office and there’s not a question nutrition-wise that they don’t know the answer of,” Mark said. “They’re great at giving advice and reaching out. Even after your appointment, if you have any questions, they’re always there to help you.”

One of the biggest changes for Mark’s life after surgical weight loss has been that for the first time ever, he has a job.

“You can imagine getting your first paycheck — that’s liberating,” Mark said. “The whole experience is liberating.”

Whether your goal is to look better on the outside, feel better on the inside or something totally different such as getting your first job — the Mercy Health team is here for you. Our wide range of surgical weight loss options allows you to choose the option that best fits your needs and lifestyle. If you’re thinking about surgical weight loss, we encourage you to take the next step toward this life-changing activity. Sign up to learn more information today.

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