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Weight Loss Success Story: Brandon Moore

Jan 10 2018

Thanks to surgical weight loss, Brandon is down 90 pounds and counting.

Brandon Moore struggled with his weight for years. Though he felt like he’d tried every weight loss plan in the book, each time he lost weight, he ended up gaining more back.

“When I gained weight, it was over a period of time, and I could see myself not wanting to do things — not wanting to go outside, not wanting do the physical activities that I once did,” Brandon said. “And I was always tired. I would come home from work, and I’m exhausted.”

Finally, his doctor gave him a wake-up call. If he wanted to see his 41st birthday, Brandon needed to take action.

That’s when Brandon began to develop a support system to help him through the surgery process. He began attending group meetings, where he met patients and doctors that encouraged him. He started to believe not only in himself — but that he could regain the life he wanted.

Though he had multiple options for surgery, Brandon chose the bariatric sleeve procedure, because it was the quickest rehabilitation. After a week-and-a-half off work, he was able to return to his job feeling better than ever.

“Why I chose Mercy Health over anybody else was their follow-up. Their success rate was very, very high, putting them side-by-side with other places,” Brandon said. “They were very energetic to see what I was doing and how I was doing it. And even on the follow-up visits I’ve been on, they’ve all been extremely supportive.”

While Brandon isn’t at the end of his weight loss journey, he’s already lost 90 pounds and six pants sizes. He enjoys being able to shop in regular stores, ride rollercoasters and play catch with his son. But beyond that, the surgery has given him a deeper sense of meaning.

“Above all, it’s given me a different outlook about what I can accomplish — that I can do anything I put my mind to,” Brandon said. “The effect that his surgery has had on me, and my total life, has been amazing for my wife, for my son, for my parents, for even my in-laws.”

Now, Brandon’s family is joining him in healthy eating, and they’re all hitting their goals together. He’s even doing his best to encourage strangers to make a lifestyle change.

“If somebody would come to me and say, ‘I’m not really sure if I should do this,’ I would look at them and say ‘You’ve already taken the first step by asking me the question of should you do it,’” Brandon said. “You can do it. If I can do it, anybody can do it.”

If you’re that ‘somebody’ asking questions, and you want to learn more about weight loss surgery options, the Mercy Health team is here for you. Sign up today to request more information about finding a long-term solution for weight loss and healthy living.

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