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Bariatric Surgery Success: Yolanda’s Story

Jan 24 2018

Before bariatric surgery, Yolanda dreamed of an active life. Now, she’s living it.

Yolanda Aldridge came from an active family and always wanted to be active herself. However, at more than 200 pounds in the sixth grade, Yolanda began to feel as though she couldn’t keep up. Suddenly, basketball and volleyball felt like too much running, so she opted for the sidelines.

Yolanda continued to gain weight and suffer from it — dealing with low back pain, sleeping issues and not being able to cross her legs. Finally, she saw a number on the scale that gave her a wake-up call — 311 pounds.

“That number scared me, to see that on the scale,” Yolanda said. “I never thought that would be me. I didn’t realize I had gained 62 pounds in a year and that’s the reason my clothes don’t fit and I have sleep disturbances, or I sleep excessively, and I have pain all over my body.”

Finding a solution: bariatric surgery success story

Considered morbidly obese, Yolanda decided to do something about her weight. When she looked into bariatric surgery options, she found the Mercy Health staff that was accommodating and friendly. Best of all, they didn’t make her feel like an outcast because of her size.

Now, rather than counting her pains and symptoms, Yolanda is celebrating her successes. When she lost 20 pounds, Yolanda noticed she could tie her shoes properly versus having to lean to the side. After 40 pounds, she noticed she could cross her legs. Down 60 pounds, Yolanda could shop in a whole new section at the department store.

“I want to give this gift to everyone who is struggling with their weight,” she said. “I thought, ‘oh, I just won’t eat any sugar, any bread, I’ll never drink soda.’ You know, that’s not feasible for the rest of your life. You have to know how to replace those poor habits with better habits.”

Yolanda has lost a total of 94 pounds, which has helped take her closer to that active life she’s always dreamed of. She’s now working out for hour-long intervals at the gym and taking walks around her neighborhood. Because of this, she says, “Mercy Health Weight Management Solutions changed my life.”

If you’re looking for that spark of life change, consider learning more about bariatric surgery. We offer many seminars and consultations that are free of risk and charge. Reach out and request more information to begin your journey today.

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