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Chanise Helps Guide Moms Through Childbirth and Breastfeeding

Aug 8 2022

Meet Chanise Quisenberry! She’s a labor and delivery nurse at Mercy Health – Springfield Regional Medical Center. Chanise got her start in health care as a nursing assistant and eventually navigated her way to become a registered nurse on the labor and delivery unit.

“It’s given me the skills to multitask and practice great time management and prioritization in order to provide my patients the best care possible,” Chanise shares. “Labor and delivery can be very challenging when you have a patient in utero who you aren’t able to see. Critical thinking is always a must to make sure both mom and baby are safe. Every single delivery is different in its own way. I love being able to assist parents on their journey to meet their new, tiny humans.”

In addition to the delivery process, Chanise is passionate about educating her patients on the importance of breastfeeding.

“Breastfeeding is very beneficial for both parent and baby,” she says. “The bond formed during feedings and the physiological changes that occur naturally are priceless.” 

To offer even more support to expecting and new mothers, Chanise helps with Springfield Regional Medical Center’s monthly breastfeeding class. The hope is to help moms achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves and their baby.

“When you deliver at our facility, we have a lactation consultant on staff who will check on you while you are admitted and answer any questions you may have,” Chanise explains. “Your bedside nurse can also offer assistance to help with latching and positioning during feedings.”

It’s the patient education portion of her role that really drives Chanise to deliver best-in-class care.

“Obstetrics and women’s health is my passion in nursing,” she shares. “I thoroughly enjoy completing further education and bringing that knowledge that I gain to the bedside so that my patient can achieve the birth they desire.”

Chanise works tirelessly to bring that education to everyone who walks in our doors. She also praises her OB team, from our doctors to our techs and nurses. However, there’s one person in particular Chanise wanted to acknowledge.

“A special shout out to my colleague Danielle Raines who has worked with me tirelessly over the past year to recreate the childbirth education program,” she shares. “We have revamped the classes with up-to-date resources, and we leave the door open to our patients to call on us even after delivery if they are in need of assistance.”

Learn more about the maternity care and lactation services we provide at Mercy Health.  

Also, you can learn about our available birthing and breastfeeding classes by visiting our website.

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