Susan Rodgers with her care team at Lourdes Hospital

Susan Thanks Care Team for Helping Her Beat COVID-19

Oct 27 2020

For 25 days, Susan Rodgers remained on a ventilator at Mercy Health – Lourdes Hospital in the COVID-19 unit. Susan believes she survived because of the care she received, and because she and her family never gave up hope.

Susan knew she was COVID-19 positive when she came to the emergency room on July 11. She decided to come in because her symptoms were getting worse, including increased confusion and decreased oxygen saturation. Within two days, she was placed on a ventilator where she remained unresponsive for nearly a month.

During Susan’s time on the vent, her care team would rotate her from her back to her stomach every eight to 12 hours. This change of positions is beneficial to the lungs. Team members also closely monitored Susan’s brain functions as they worked to improve her ability to breathe. Because Susan couldn’t have visitors, the care team facilitated video calls so Susan’s family could see her and she could hear their voices.

The day before coming off her ventilator, Susan finally began responding and following commands. The next day she was released. After a brief period of rehab, today she is doing well.

“It’s almost like a dream,” Susan says of her COVID-19 experience. “But then on the other hand, it’s a miracle.”

“You’ve got to work at it, and I think that’s the reason why I’m doing as well as I am,” Susan shares about her continued recovery. She is grateful for the team that took care of her and her family. She hopes to eventually return to Lourdes Hospital, not as a patient this time, but to thank those she credits for helping to save her life.

Stay updated on what Mercy Health is doing related to COVID-19.

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Nina Wood

Lourdes is the best!!! Kind, caring and compassionate staff and totally skilled.
October 27th, 2020 | 5:19pm

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