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How to Stay Connected in a COVID-19 World

Apr 10 2020

Imagine if the COVID-19 crisis had impacted us just ten years ago — smart phones were not yet commonplace and the iPad was a new thing. Social distancing would have looked very different back then!

Fortunately, devices that help us communicate with one another are now commonplace. You can always rely on the tried-and-true phone call, but your choices don’t end there. Here are some tips for using your phone or tablet to keep in touch with loved ones, from inside a hospital or anywhere.

Choose Your App

Find an app that you and your loved one can both use to connect. You can find a variety of free apps by searching The App Store on your iPhone or iPad, or Google Play on your Android device.

If your device has a camera, you can take advantage of apps that let you connect via video. It’s wonderful to be able to see your loved one’s friendly face while you’re chatting!

On Apple devices, FaceTime is the most commonly used app for video calls. On Android devices, many people choose Google Duo. Both of these video chat apps come standard on smartphones and tablets.

You’re not limited to these choices, however. Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber will also enable you to connect to others via video, voice calling or text messages.

If you have a loved one who has been admitted to the hospital, try to find out which app they’d prefer to use for communicating with you and others.

Get Connected

If your loved one is in the hospital, don’t be shy about starting the conversation — they might find it easier to respond to a message, especially if they’re not used to using this type of technology.

If you’re in the hospital, there will be instructions in your room for connecting to the hospital’s guest Wi-Fi network. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask someone on your care team. They know that having the support of friends, family and other loved ones will help you heal faster!

Stay updated on what Mercy Health is doing related to COVID-19.

Call our 24/7 COVID-19 Hotline at 888-700-9011 for questions and guidance.

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