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At the Center of Excellence, Everyday Athletes Receive Pro-Level Care

Jun 14 2022

Matthew Busam, MD, treats a wide range of patients at Mercy Health — Center of Excellence, Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine located inside TQL Stadium, home of the FC Cincinnati soccer club. As team physician for FC Cincinnati, Dr. Busam provides care for athletes at the peak of physical performance.

But what does professional athlete-level treatment mean for the average person?

“The same treatment plans we develop to get the FC Cincinnati players back to playing, we can implement for the recreational and school-level player,” Dr. Busam explains. “Different therapeutic techniques we find beneficial for our pro athletes, we can provide those as well.”

This is because inside the Center of Excellence (COE) is a centrally located orthopedic care system.

“We put all the resources in one location, and it allows for a seamless integration that makes it easier for patients to access care,” he adds.

Inside the COE, there is state-of-the-art diagnostic technology along with the most skilled team of orthopedic providers and physical therapists. Patients at the COE receive customized treatment plans that are created to help them function at their highest level.

Dr. Busam shares that soft tissue injuries are some of the common injuries he sees while treating professional soccer players. Hamstring and quad pulls as well as calf injuries can sideline a player if they are not properly treated.

“These athletes are used to running four to five miles per game. So, if we don’t treat them properly, it could mean significant time lost,” Dr. Busam says.  

For the average person, early warning signs of soft tissue injuries include any change in performance such as running slower and not being able to jump as high. These are the first signs that something is breaking down and you should make an appointment to see a provider. Dr. Busam also adds that if you ignore these warnings, the more severe signs are extended fatigue, struggling to recover and then audible pops, swelling, limping and prolonged pain long after activity.

So, what can be done to help keep injuries from happening?

Dr. Busam says that he gives the same advice to his professional patients that he gives student athletes and weekend warriors.

“Injury prevention is key,” he shares. “In fact, our ministry has a program called SportsMetrics, developed by my colleague Dr. Frank Noyes, that can be beneficial to every active person.”

SportsMetrics helps set the foundation for being active with functional movements, dynamic movements, warmups and strength training.

Additionally, for young athletes in particular, Dr. Busam shares, “it is important to be strong, flexible and don’t just focus on one sport.”

Dr. Busam recommends participating in more than one sport to develop the body in more than one way. Even if your student athlete loves one specific sport, it is important to take a break.

“If an athlete loves to play soccer, take three months off,” he suggests. “Play baseball, tennis, basketball to give your body a more complete opportunity to develop. Multisport athletes are generally the healthiest athletes.”

If you or your student athlete needs orthopedic and sports medicine care, our Cincinnati team of athletic trainers, physicians and physical therapists are here to help. 

Learn more about these services we offer or make an appointment.

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