During an Unexpected Health Issue, Tim Finds Comfort in Our Care Team

Aug 23 2023

When unexpected health issues arise, it can leave us feeling vulnerable and uncertain. Tim Chiles experienced this firsthand feeling when he began having persistent abdominal pain.

Little did he know, his journey would lead him to Mercy Health – Lourdes Hospital, where he would find comfort as well as a sense of how much his local health care workers genuinely care for their community.

The onset of pain

Tim had been dealing with abdominal discomfort for about a week and initially dismissing it as a minor ailment. He continued with his daily activities, even engaging in physically demanding tasks, like yard work. However, as the pain persisted, TIm began to suspect something more serious might be at play.

But, as Tim shares, “I’m a guy. I didn’t want to admit something could be wrong or that I was slowing down.”

He was determined to keep going, even convincing himself and his wife, Kelley, that he was feeling better. To prove he was on the mend, Tim decided to go to a local car show, church, out to eat as well as to other typical activities that weekend, not knowing the underlying danger he was putting himself in.

Seeking medical attention

Tim’s condition had definitely worsened by Monday, prompting Kelley to insist on a visit to the doctor. Tim wasted no time and scheduled an appointment with his Mercy Health primary care provider. Recognizing the urgency, his doctor promptly ordered blood work and a CT scan to determine the cause of his pain.

Tim’s journey to Lourdes Hospital

Following the CT scan, Tim received a call from the doctor’s office with unexpected news. He needed to have his appendix removed immediately. Tim and Kelley, now realizing the seriousness of the situation, went to Mercy Health – Lourdes Hospital right away. Upon arrival, they were greeted by one of our compassionate team members who guided them to the appropriate floor and room. Tim’s initial apprehension began to fade as he felt he was in good hands with the hospital team.

The warmth of the fifth floor

As Tim ascended to the fifth floor, he couldn’t help but feel a glimmer of improvement in his condition. The nurses on the fifth floor welcomed him with open arms, treating him like family. Despite his surgery being routine for them, they understood the significance it held for Tim. Their encouragement and support helped alleviate his anxiety, making him feel at ease during the pre-surgery preparations.

The procedure and beyond

Tim’s operating physician also displayed exceptional bedside manners, giving him the reassurance he needed. Tim entered the operating room with faith and prayers, and the surgery lasted for an hour. As the night shift took over, Tim feels the entire team provided exceptional care. Everyone played a vital role in his recovery, from the housekeeping team to the doctors and nurses.

A snapshot of healing

By the following day, Tim was ready to be discharged. However, his time with our care team had left an indelible mark on his heart. Before leaving, he gathered the nurses and expressed his gratitude. Together, they shared a heartfelt prayer, acknowledging their dedication and compassion. In fact, a nurse happened to capture a photo of this beautiful moment (pictured above, right), encapsulating the bond between Tim and his caregivers.

When the photo was shared with Tim via text message, he replied, “thank you so much for the pictures! Even more so, thanks for the care I was given when I walked into Lourdes Hospital. Everyone we met and interacted with, from the doctors, nurses, housekeeping, was excellent. Sometimes we often go into those situations just knowing that we may run into that one person that could cause a slight issue or problem; that was not the case during my time at your facility. Please pray for me as I go home to continue healing. Also, know that my continued prayers are with you and your staff. This old world seems to have its ups and downs, lots of negativity and its share of problems. I know you were all GOD sent to see me through this trying time. I am very grateful to have crossed paths with every one of you! May GOD bless each of you! Thanks again for the care you all provided!”

Tim’s story reminds us that even in the face of uncertainty, there are individuals who will go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of others.

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