Maryanne during her stay in the Willard Hospital Swing Bed Program

Swing Bed Program Gives Maryanne The Extra Care She Needs

Oct 20 2020

Maryanne Crawford was admitted to Mercy Health – Willard Hospital at the end of January, where she spent three days recovering from an illness. Still needing IV medications after her stay, Maryanne felt it was best to spend some additional recovery time in the Willard Hospital Swing Bed Program instead of a traditional nursing rehabilitation center.

The Willard Hospital Swing Bed Program allows patients to still receive skilled care services once hospital care is no longer required. When recovering from surgery, an illness or an injury, many patients find they need additional care after their hospital stay before returning home. This program allows patients to “swing” according to the level of care they might need. It also gives them extra time to heal and regain their strength.

Since this was not Maryanne’s first visit to the Willard Hospital Swing Bed Program, she knew the excellent level of care she would receive.

“The staff really does everything they can, they are so kind and helpful. I use the program and am grateful it’s there. I know if something happens to me, I have an alternate option.”

To help patient’s reach and maintain their best level of functioning, the swing bed program uses a team approach to planning care. Nurses, nutritionists, activities coordinators, occupational therapists, pharmacists, social workers and physical therapists all work together. They develop an individualized care plan for each patient which is designed to improve their health and independence.

“I feel comfortable there because it’s local, there are familiar faces and there’s a wide range of activities for me to do. I know I’ll be taken care of,” Maryanne adds (pictured above with her PTA, Tammi Heefner).

The Willard Hospital Swing Bed Program offers patients 24-hour care from a skilled medical team in a comfortable and relaxing setting. Thanks to our team members, the continuity from acute care to the swing bed program is seamless.

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