Exploring Personalized Medicine with Dr. Ali

Dec 4 2019

Ehab Ali, M.D., a new member of the Mercy Health – Defiance Clinic staff, is on a mission to make personalized medicine is a priority in small towns.

“The small-town atmosphere really drew me to the area,” Dr. Ali says of northwest Ohio. In fact, he recently relocated from New Mexico to be closer to family and friends.

Personalized medicine, also referred to as precision medicine, is a medical model that places an emphasis on providing care based on each patient’s unique health needs. Family history and risk factors for disease are some of the elements considered when making medical decisions.

As he transitions from the large-market hospital world, Dr. Ali sees an opportunity to build stronger patient-doctor relationship through personalized medicine in small towns.

“Patients here have access to a wide-range of health care services that you typically only find in bigger cities, while still maintaining those small-town values,” Dr. Ali says.

At the Mercy Health – Defiance Clinic, Dr. Ali sees patients with a variety of medical needs and chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Working in a smaller market, he can provide personalized care for these conditions which often include blood work, setting goals, individualized counseling, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

“The better your doctor understands your family history, personal health history, and lifestyle, the more effectively he or she can diagnose and treat any health-related issue that may arise,” says Dr. Ali.

Physicians such as Dr. Ali are navigating new waters when it comes to personalized medicine. This type of care not only can be beneficial when it comes to diagnosing and treating health care issues, it is also a rewarding way for Dr. Ali to treat his patients.

“My main motivation for becoming a primary care doctor is to have that close relationship with my patients,” Dr. Ali says.

By establishing a trusting relationship with his patients, Dr. Ali believes they become more comfortable talking to him about health concerns. They are also more open to accepting his counseling when it comes to making lifestyle changes that will improve their overall health and prevent future issues.

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