From a Seminar to Surgery: Darla’s Weight Loss Journey

Jan 8 2020

As a wife and mother of four, Darla Harmon is always on the go. While some might find this exhausting, Darla quite enjoys her energetic lifestyle.

Her ability to get up and move is something Darla is very proud of. She spends her free time swimming, riding her bike and keeping up with her 13-year-old son. Darla knows her decision to get bariatric surgery is a huge reason she has been able to transition into a new, more exuberant lifestyle.

Darla had a long journey to get where she is now. It has been filled with plenty of medical obstacles, one of them being a hernia surgery.

“I really went back and forth on the idea of getting bariatric surgery,” says Darla.

When she received a flyer in the mail from Mercy Health – Weight Management Solutions about a free seminar to learn about both surgical and non-surgical weight loss options, she knew it was a good decision to check it out.

“Eventually, I decided to go ahead and do it,” Darla says. “I had been heavy my whole life and I was tired of not feeling my best.”

At her heaviest, Darla was 298 pounds and wore size 28 clothes. One-year post-surgery, Darla now weighs 174 pounds, and wears a smile that reflects the vivacious personality she had all along.

Matthew Fourman, M.D., a bariatric and general surgeon at Mercy Health, hosted the informational seminar Darla attended. Coincidentally, he also performed both Darla’s hernia and bariatric surgeries.

“Dr. Fourman was awesome,” Darla says. “The whole time I felt comfortable and I had no problems. They went through all the steps and answered all my questions. It was just awesome.”

Dr. Fourman was also glad to be able to help Darla through her journey.

“Obesity can be such a debilitating disease, and for people who have always had an active mindset, like Darla, bariatric surgery can help them pursue the life they may not have been able to accomplish otherwise,” says Dr. Fourman.

Darla says not a whole lot has really changed about her personality, except now she has so much energy.

“After the surgery, I noticed moments that were little things to others, but they were big and exciting changes for me,” she says. “Things like being able to buckle your seatbelt easily.”

Overall, Darla still likes to keep an eye on her weight and make changes she feels are necessary. She always has a protein bar on hand and makes sure to drink plenty of water. Darla’s cousin is also undergoing bariatric surgery soon, and Darla is proud to support them throughout their journey.

Interested in attending a Mercy Health weight loss seminar? Look through the upcoming dates.

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