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Sue Sings Praises of Her Town’s New Walk-In Care Center

May 20 2022

When Sue Skiba (pictured above, right) fell on ice, she knew she needed to get her wrist checked by a physician. After going to an urgent care, her co-pay was refunded and she was referred to Mercy Health – Columbiana Walk-in Orthopaedics.

“This new care center is a place where all ages can come for immediate access for all of their orthopedic needs, including imaging, casting and splinting, injections and referrals,” Tiffany Greene (pictured above, left), one of our physician assistants, shares.  

In fact, Tiffany was the physician assistant working with Sue to diagnose whether Sue’s wrist was broken or not.

“Tiffany was very competent,” Sue shares. “She explained to me clearly and knowledgeably that she was concerned a major bone at the base of the thumb might have a fracture that did not show up on the X-ray. She also explained how an undetected fractured bone in this area could lead to serious aftereffects.”

To be cautious, Tiffany sent the X-ray to a radiologist. Tiffany called Sue back within an hour of Sue returning home to share the news that the bone was not broken.

Sue remains very grateful for this new facility addition to the area. She has even received calls from friends asking where she received care when they ended up in a similar situation to her.

“I’m in a number of groups, including a high school and my church’s choir – everyone asking me what’s wrong. I told them I can’t shout this out from the rooftops enough what urgent care in Columbiana did for me,” she shares. “I wanted people in our area to know about what we have in our area because I think it’s wonderful. I want to tell every coach and athletic director I find that you make sure you tell your parents about this. We have a lot of kids who play sports at night and slip and fall. This is the place to get that checked out.”

The convenience of having physicians, emergency care physicians and surgeons in one place stood out to Sue.

“I was able to go one-stop shopping. I went to one building, got my X-ray and paid my co-pay all in one place,” she says. “I was seen quickly. I was seen well. I walked out of there with a plan to move forward that would typically take days to happen.”

For Sue, the addition of the Columbiana Walk-in Orthopaedic location in her community is doing more than helping her recover from a fall – it’s helping others as well. 

“I feel this is fulfilling a great need in our community,” Sue explains. “Something like this is desperately needed and it’s fulfilling a need for a lot of people who live in rural areas and small cities. We need something more than the hospitals found in larger cities. When you’re in pain, you care about that.”

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