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We’re Here for You with Our Virtual Care Options

Jun 25 2021

Being connected to your health care provider is more important than ever before, and we are dedicated to protecting and caring for your needs.

That’s why, over the past year, Mercy Health has increased our offerings for care! In addition to having the option of meeting your provider safely in our clean medical offices, you can also choose to connect with them virtually from the comfort of your home.

MyChart, a secure patient portal, is the easiest and safest way to interact with your care team virtually. Whether you have a question for your provider, want to see your test results or request a refill on a prescription, MyChart gives you direct access to your care team.

Video visits offer face-to-face medical care through a video chat with your provider by using the video capabilities on your computer, tablet or smartphone. These scheduled appointments are conducted through either MyChart or Doxy.me – two platforms that allow you to have a secure visit with your provider. Ready to book your video appointment? Use the filter feature on our “Find a Doctor” page and select “Scheduling Virtual Visits” to list providers who offer virtual visits.

Evisits let you receive an online diagnosis and treatment plan for non-urgent conditions. You will be prompted to answer a series of questions and describe your symptoms. Once your provider reviews this information alongside your medical history, you’ll receive a message with the recommended treatment plan. No online video or chats necessary! Additionally, Evisits are not scheduled. Simply log in to MyChart and ‘Begin an Evisit’ at any time.

Convenience for our patients is important and Betsy Drake, MD, one of our family medicine physicians, encourages virtual care for this reason.

“The beauty of virtual care is that patients can have an appointment at any time,” she shares. “Someone can call to make an appointment and if the provider has availability, the patient can have a video visit scheduled for minutes later.”

Dr. Drake feels she can provide much of the same care during virtual visits that she can during traditional office. Things such as ordering tests, prescribing any needed prescriptions and conducting a visual physical examination can all still be done.

“I love taking care of patients and this allows me to take care of a broader group that wouldn’t be able to come in the office otherwise,” Dr. Drake says.

Our patients have seen the benefits of virtual visits as well.

“I highly recommend virtual visits. Not going into doctor offices and still receiving the correct treatment is the best thing,” shares one of our patients.

Another patient says, “This was the best experience because of the ease and accuracy.”

Learn more about these virtual care options as well as how we are making health care easier for our patients.

Also, learn about all the health care services we provide at Mercy Health.

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