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Three Things Mercy Health Does to Make Your Health Care Easier

Nov 13 2018

If you feel like getting sick is a hassle, these are for you

We get it. Being sick is never fun, and sometimes it seems like the difficulty doesn’t stop with not feeling well. Between missing school or work and having trouble getting a doctor’s appointment, the frustrations go far beyond the sniffles.

While we can’t always cure your virus with the snap of our fingers, we are taking every step we can to make health care easier. The next time you’re under the weather, keep these things in mind, so you can feel well as soon as possible.

Online scheduling

Did you know offers online scheduling for primary care providers? That means whether you’re in Cincinnati, Ohio or Paducah, Kentucky, new and returning patients can make an appointment without ever picking up the phone. Simply look for the green “Book Online” button next to your provider’s profile.

In addition to primary care providers, online scheduling is also available for a small group of our orthopedic specialists. We’ll continue to add more physicians to our online scheduling program throughout 2019, so that you can always find an appointment for the day, time and location that work best for you.


If you’re struggling with the flu, heartburn, headaches or another common condition, you may be eligible for an Evisit. Evisits are online appointments, which can be used as an alternative to a traditional doctor’s appointment.

With Evisits, you receive the same quality, compassionate care from the Mercy Health doctors you know and trust, without ever leaving your home. Simply log into your MyChart account, and answer a few questions. A Mercy Health primary care provider will review your answers and medical history, and then recommend treatment. Because all this communication occurs through writing in MyChart, you can receive care at home, your office, or any location with internet access. What’s easier than that?!

Easy-to-use search features

We launched online scheduling and Evisits, because we know that these days when we’re sick, one of the easiest things to do is look for answers on the internet. To help with this, now includes hundreds of conditions and treatments for you to better understand your health.

On these pages, you’ll also find doctors and locations that specialize in what you’re searching for. This means that if you’re researching abdominal pain and decide you want to make an appointment, you can find a doctor or location to treat your stomach ache without leaving the page. By inputting your location in the top navigation, you’ll ensure you find care located most conveniently near you.

If you’re ready to find a doctor or location right away, you can also do so on the ‘Find a Doctor’ or ‘Locations’ tab in the top navigation.

Making health care easier

While being sick is never fun, it doesn’t have to be a hassle. With these easy options, we hope you’ll feel a little less stress when sickness creeps into your household this year.

And now we want to know — what else can we do to make your health care experience as easy as possible? Which of these features do you plan on using the most? Let us know in the comments!

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Anne Stone

What would be really easy if Mercy Health started incorporation document technology at the physician offices. Instead of filling out paper forms, give the patient an iPad or other touch pad access, to complete the forms. Half the forms at the physician offices are copies of copies of copies and are not professional. Half have old logos, incorrect info, etc. Having centralized forms makes the experience the same for all.
November 19th, 2018 | 8:40am

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