Amber and Briella Zaenglein

Amber Receives the Birthing Care She Needs Close to Home

Oct 1 2020

For Amber Zaenglein, being pregnant with her first child was thrilling.

The new mother isn’t a stranger to parenting as she is currently raising three of her nieces and nephews. However, thoughts of celebrating her own pregnancy with baby showers and having her family by her side at the hospital all changed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

“I spend much time over the years celebrating my friends during their pregnancy… I sadly didn’t have a chance to socialize much during my own pregnancy,” Amber shares.

Fast forward to July 25, 2020 when Amber’s daughter, Briella, was welcomed into the world. Although initially worried about what the experience might be like, all concerns quickly left Amber’s mind the moment she entered Mercy Health – Lorain Hospital.

“I was just focused on my baby and the staff never missed a beat making sure my mother and I were screened, protected and safe,” she says.

With help from James Matheson, DO, a Mercy Health OB/GYN, Briella and Amber were cared for by team members at the Mercy Health – Veard Birthing Center.

“The staff were so comforting and familiar to me. It was like I knew them,” Amber says. “Dr. Matheson is someone that is both honest and always positive. He was always happy to see me, as I imagine he is with all his patients.”

During her two-day stay at the birthing center, the nurses and care team members quickly became Amber’s biggest fans.

“Being able to stay close to my family and friends was incredibly important. That’s why I chose to have Briella here at home, in Lorain,” Amber adds.

And when asked about being a new mother, Amber says, “it’s a love like I’ve never felt before.”

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