Carolyn Jackson Reece with her therapy team
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Former Students Help Beloved Teacher Get Back on Her Feet

Jan 3 2022

Carolyn Jackson Reece taught preschool for decades. During those years, she touched the lives of many families in Estill County in Kentucky.

Carolyn recently had an opportunity to reconnect with some of her former students. This is because these students chose a career path in physical therapy.

Carolyn underwent a left total knee replacement in July. She opted for therapy in her home initially but wasn’t getting the results she hoped for. So about a month after her surgery, she decided to try outpatient physical therapy at Mercy Health – Marcum and Wallace Hospital.

Right away Carolyn recognized many of our team members, some of whom she’d taught, and knew should would be in good hands. Additionally, her care team immediately developed a plan for her rehab and Carolyn got to work!

“Carolyn was experiencing stiffness, a low range of motion and her therapy plan required more extensive treatment and manual therapy,” Kevin Ochs, PT, shares. “I wanted to help her avoid undergoing another procedure by her surgeon, so we set goals for her and Carolyn worked hard to achieve her goals.”

Coincidentally, Carolyn had a birthday about the same time as her planned therapy discharge. Team members decided to surprise her with a celebration complete with a cake and centerpiece.

“I am blessed,” Carolyn says. “The physical therapy team at this hospital is so special. I can never thank them enough for helping me get ready to run around with my grandsons. And I will never forget their birthday surprise.”

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