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How Rick Builds Trust with Patients During Physical Therapy

Feb 9 2021

Most people think of physical therapy as a means to an end to make progress with their body. What is often overlooked is the special bond that can form between a patient and their therapist overtime.

Rick Altenburger, a Cincinnati-based physical therapist for Mercy Health, is very aware of the impact his job can have in his patients’ lives. Take Antonio Ranieri (pictured above left), a former college football player. He has been working with Rick since suffering from a knee injury in 2013.

“Rick has helped me recover from a torn patella tendon, arthritis in my upper back, shin splints, and now tendonitis in my left Achilles.”

But it is more than just Rick expertise that keeps Antonio coming back to him for treatment.

“Yeah Rick knows the anatomy, but his strength lies in building relationships with all his clients,” Antonio shares. “I drive 30 minutes to see him in Blue Ash twice a week, when there is a place I could go that is five minutes from my house.”

Rick adds that Antonio is a patient who “pushes his body to the limit,” so the benefits of his physical therapy sessions are more than just injury recovery. Rick also notes that the therapy time spent prior to major physical activities are paramount to success.

Elise Cassidy (pictured above right) is another one of Rick’s many patients. Elise has been working with Rick for all four years of her college dance career.

“I’ve had multiple injuries that Rick has always known how to fix,” Elise shares. They have included knee, hamstring, and ankle injuries. Rick also helped Elise through rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery.

“Rick is well versed in special techniques such as dry needling and cupping therapy, that always result in immediate relief. Also, he always has a positive demeanor and has created a lasting relationship with me as a patient,” says Elise.

Because Rick understands the physical requirements of Elise’s sport, he has been able to get her dancing safely as soon as possible.

“He has been key in my college dance career as he has kept me physically healthy and strengthened, in order to perform at my highest caliber,” Elise adds.

“At Mercy Health, we offer emotional intelligence to go along with our expertise,” Rick says about himself and his fellow physical therapists. “We realize that physical therapy is more than just physical progress. There’s a human trust, an emotional and mental connection.”

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