A Story That Will Win Your Heart This Sweetest Day

Oct 18 2019

Love is in the air this Sweetest Day. Read this heartfelt story about Mercy Health patient, Harold Weaver, and his wife.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

At 91-years-old, Harold Weaver was quite strong until slipping on ice last March. The fall shattered his ankle and sent him to Mercy Health – St. Rita’s Medical Center in Lima, Ohio. Following this incident, Harold battled sepsis, which resulted in an emergency room visit and a stay at a transitional care unit for 11 days. There the Mercy Health team helped him build up his strength so he could return home.

A few months later, Harold found himself back at St. Rita’s Medical Center after falling at home. This time, he was cared for by the 7k nurses, doctors and team members who went above and beyond for him and his wife – because Harold let them in on a little surprise.

The day Harold fell and was sent to the hospital was his wife’s 91st birthday celebration. It was also their 72nd wedding anniversary. While the thought of celebrating these two days in the hospital would be upsetting for some, Harold was determined to make these days extra special for the love of his life.

An Event They’ll Never Forget

Teaming up with St. Rita’s professionals, Harold arranged a special surprise luncheon that included steak, sides that were specially requested and two large pieces of chocolate cake. The two were delighted by the kindness these Mercy Health employees exuded. Their son, Phil, and other family members were full of joyful tears as they watched these two celebrate another beautiful year of marriage together. During this celebration, they talked about their wedding, honeymoon and other life events that the family had never heard before.

The day was perfect, and Phil thanks the St. Rita’s team on 7k; patient services manager, Heather; and Jeff Shockey, nutrition services purchasing director who went out of their way to make this day happen for the wonderful couple. The compassion and care they presented is something Harold will never forget, and Phil notes that acts of kindness during a time of anguish are particularly noticeable and deeply appreciated.

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Belinda Miller

Wonderful! Two of my favorite people! Thank you all for the special care you took of Uncle Harold and Aunt Mary!
January 06th, 2020 | 2:43pm

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