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Five Ways to Spring Clean Your Health

May 16 2019

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home–it’s also a great time to refresh your health.

Here are five ways to add wellness to your health and your home with spring cleaning.

1. Put dust in the wind

Dust and allergens in our homes affect our air quality, and dust mites can even impact our health. To go beyond your regular cleaning routine, tackle dust bunnies by looking high and low, seeking out the often forgotten ceiling fans, baseboards, floors under furniture, and literal dark corners. Use a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuum to minimize dust and allergens. Wipe smooth surfaces with a cloth. Ditch dust mites by washing all your bedding and towels–some washers even have an allergy cycle. Freshen the air by opening windows, replacing your furnace filter and plugging in an air purifier. You’ll be breathing easier!

2. Eat seasonal foods

By eating fresh, in season produce, you can enjoy foods at their most flavorful and coax your taste buds out of hibernation. Avoid processed foods and instead enjoy springtime fare like asparagus, strawberries, fresh herbs, mushrooms and greens. If you need inspiration, find new recipes that know how to show off these star ingredients.

 3. Take it outside

Your workout, that is. Whether you’ve been holed up all winter or you’re a regular gymgoer, you’ll appreciate the warm weather, sun and fresh air. There are so many activities to choose from: walking, biking, running, hiking, golfing–the list goes on.

 4. Schedule your wellness visit

If you haven’t already, scheduling a yearly wellness visit with your doctor is an important check-in for your health. Even if you feel healthy, you should see your doctor each year. Why? Through regular check-ups and screenings, your doctor may find potential problems before they start. If you need to find a doctor, visit our website.

 5. Declutter your medicine cabinet

Medicine should be stored in a cool, dry area–not in a humid bathroom. Go through your medications and toss anything that has expired or is unwanted. Bringing these medicines to take-back sites is the best method for disposal. However, the FDA also lists other options, such as throwing them in the household trash (mixing them with cat litter or coffee grounds) or flushing them down the toilet (when the medication could be harmful if incorrectly taken).


Happy spring cleaning!


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