The Unsung Heroes of David’s Autism Journey: Our Therapists

Oct 18 2023

In a heartfelt letter to Ashley, one of our speech therapists in our Toledo market, Sarah shared her deep appreciation for the therapists who have played a pivotal role in her son, David, and his journey in autism rehabilitation. Sarah’s words resonate with parents everywhere who have witnessed the transformative power of dedicated therapists.

“I want to convey my gratitude for the therapy David has received over the last few years and to tell you how much of a difference it has made in our lives,” Sarah expresses in her note.

Since 2021, David has been under the care of Mercy Health – Tiffin Rehabilitation and Therapy, a place where he has received speech and occupational therapy. Sarah wanted to highlight the incredible team of therapists who have guided her son’s development and supported their family along the way.

Over the years, David has been fortunate to work with several exceptional therapists, including not only Ashley but Elise, Katlyn, Ashton, CeCe and Ashley. Each therapist brought a unique approach to David’s therapy, but they all shared a common commitment to his progress.

“They all encouraged effective techniques, discouraged ineffective ones, listened to one another and did not shy away from asking for advice from a previous therapist,” Sarah emphasizes.

Ashley, David’s therapist, added her own thoughts, saying, “it has been great seeing David’s amazing progress over the last year! Our work as therapists is truly rewarding, and I love being able to work with patients and their families to make a positive impact on their everyday lives.”

When David began therapy at just 3 years old, he faced significant challenges. He was mostly non-verbal, had sensory processing issues and had not yet been diagnosed with ASD-1, most commonly known as autism. Sarah recalled those early days when speech evaluation games were met with resistance. However, she admired the dedication of the therapists who worked to help her son find his voice.

Through consistent therapy and the invaluable advice offered to Sarah, David began to thrive. His vocabulary expanded, and he even discovered his “inside voice.” Though there were moments of frustration and setbacks, the encouragement from the different therapists served as a source of strength during those difficult moments.

Sarah proudly shares, “Over the last three years, Mercy Health Rehab has helped David reach his potential for his age.”

As Sarah and her family prepare to move to a new area, she wants to ensure that her message of gratitude is heard loud and clear.

“I want to make absolutely certain that you know how big of a difference Mercy Health Rehab has made in our lives,” Sarah adds. “With all the clever tips and tricks and exposure given at therapy, David has thrived. For that, I thank you.”

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