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Kathy and Denise: The Perfect Personal Training Partnership

Oct 17 2019

Seventy-year-old Kathy Newcomb says Mercy Health personal trainer Denise Paller has had a huge impact on her life since they started training together in June 2013.

A CT scan from Kathy’s primary care physician showed she had bulging discs. After years of complications with trochanteric bursitis piriformis syndrome, Kathy was now having issues rotating her hips without pain. Her limited mobility around the house and in her daily life became very frustrating.

After initially working with a chiropractor, Kathy was referred to Heather Jennings, DPT, a Mercy Health physical therapist. It was during her visit that she bumped into Denise, a certified personal trainer and senior fitness specialist with a certification in cancer exercise.

“Collectively we decided that it would be to my advantage to have personal training sessions with Denise,” Kathy shares.

In turn, Denise would consult with Dr. Jennings about her observations from the physical therapy sessions. According to Kathy, this two-person approach has worked well with her specific issues.

Heavy emphasis was placed on IT band, piriformis and trochanteric bursitis issues in the early stages of Kathy’s training. Since her bi-weekly training sessions began back in 2013, Kathy says all those initial issues have greatly improved.

“I like the challenge of the new things Denise presents to me from time to time,” says Kathy. “It has given me confidence and happiness after I complete a workout.”

One of Kathy’s favorite machines to use is the seated elliptical. The exercise is beneficial in improving hip and torso movement.

“Denise has had me focus on strength and stretching in all areas as well as balance,” Kathy shares.

Denise always makes sure Kathy is doing her exercises with the correct form. She constantly keeps up with new treads from the American Council on Exercise as well. All the time and dedication put in by Denise makes Kathy so grateful.

“I don’t want to miss a session if at all possible,” says Kathy proudly.

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Linda Scroggy

Congratulations Kathy and Denise !!! Linda
November 07th, 2019 | 9:59am

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