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Linda’s New Pain-Free Life After Hip Replacement Surgery

Jul 17 2020

Linda Edwards lived with discomfort and pain in her hips for years. It was something she believed was just part of aging. That is until the pain in her right hip became so debilitating that she couldn’t sleep through the night and was limping every time she walked.

After receiving a recommendation, Linda, 66, sought out Richard Miller, DO, an orthopedic surgeon at Mercy Health – Perrysburg Hospital.

“I made an appointment with Dr. Miller and immediately I really liked the whole situation. I felt I could trust Dr. Miller and the entire office was very user friendly,” Linda says. “It was convenient, and I was treated so well.”

Linda knew she wanted a surgeon who performed anterior hip replacement, a minimally-invasive procedure that would replace the damaged bones in her hip joint. Even though she knew this procedure would save her recovery time and cause less pain, Linda admits she still put off moving forward for several months because she believed it would interfere with her job evaluating student teachers. However, she ended up hitting a breaking point.

“My right hip got so bad, I couldn’t walk. It was excruciating,” she recalls. “Once I had the surgery, it went very, very well. I was up and walking and driving in a short time. I was off all medications including over-the-counter medicine in a few short weeks.”

Linda’s surgery on her right hip took place in May 2019. Having had such a positive experience, she didn’t wait long to have her left hip replaced. That surgery took place in December 2019.

In a total hip replacement, a surgeon replaces the hip joint with an artificial one. Dr. Miller performed an anterior approach procedure, which is performed from in front of the hip and allows for less muscle to be impacted.

Dr. Miller notes that this surgery will ease pain and improve movement. For Linda, it was life changing.

“Linda has done very well after her bilateral anterior hip replacements,” Dr. Miller shares. “Her experience is very typical of most patients that I see for hip arthritis who undergo the anterior replacement procedure. Most who have a successful experience will tell me that they have waited ‘too long’ to undergo the procedure.”

Linda recently attended a joint replacement seminar Dr. Miller presented. She found herself answering questions from others who were contemplating the procedure. By sharing her experiences, she hopes others would not fall into the mindset that waiting is a better alternative.

“Just do what the doctors and therapists tell you. I followed all the directions they gave me, the exercises they gave me at home, and walked as much as I could. It all went very well,” she says. “Don’t put it off. The healing pain was much less than the pain before the surgery.

Linda worked with the team at Mercy Health — Perrysburg Outpatient Rehabilitation and Therapy (pictured above) to build up her strength after surgery. In addition to a better quality of life, Linda is now doing things that she would have thought to be impossible before her surgery. For example, she is planning a trip to the Holy Land, including Bethlehem and the Dead Sea.

“Dr. Miller’s office was very helpful through all the steps in the process,” she shares. “This includes preparation prior to the surgery, the hospital stay, functional activities at home after the surgery, and follow-up.”

“The recovery was much easier than what I ever expected,” she emphasizes. “Do not hesitate, it is life changing, as far as mobility, comfort, and just daily living.”

Contemplating a joint replacement procedure of your own? Learn more about the sports and orthopedic services we offer at Mercy Health.

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