Touched by Compassion: A Patient Gives Back

Aug 9 2019

Touched by the care he received as a Mercy Health patient, Vincent Hall decided to give back.

Vincent arrived at Mercy Health – Urbana Hospital one day after experiencing severe pain in his throat and stomach after eating.

“It felt like a blow torch going off inside of me,” he says.

From the time he entered the hospital to the time he was discharged, Vincent says his experience was first-class. The level of compassion provided by his doctors and nurses is what made the difference for him.

“It sounds kind of corny, but it was like being family,” he says. “It seemed liked everybody cared, and that was it for me. That was everything.”

With a history of gallstones, Vincent was aware he might possibly need surgery. However, he was worried about being away from his wife while he had to be in the hospital. Once it was decided the would need a cholecystectomy, Gerald “Mac” McFarland, RN, reassured Vincent and informed him he was a priority. Mac kept his promise and Vincent had continuous check-ins from the care staff throughout his stay.

“I couldn’t have got better treatment if my mother was doing it,” Vincent jokes.

After the procedure, Vincent felt better than he had in quite a while. The thoughtful and comprehensive care provided by Mac and the rest of his care team touched Vincent so greatly. He wanted to show his appreciation in the best way he knew how.

Vincent recently brought his food truck, Yo – Vinny’s Fish and Fries, to Mercy Health – Urbana Hospital. He catered lunch to almost 50 staff members free of charge.

“I wanted to show my appreciation and I couldn’t think of anything else I could do,” Vincent says. “I did it from the heart and because I wanted to do it.”

Vincent has recovered well from his surgery. With the help of his family, he is now taking active steps to make healthier choices by altering his eating habits to support his newly rejuvenated lifestyle.

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Lily Kovaleski

So happy to hear you are doing well Vince Hall. You have always been a first class guy!
August 15th, 2019 | 8:41am

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