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Dr. Grimes Proud to Carry On His Family’s Tradition in Medicine

Mar 23 2022

“Being a doctor, and especially a surgeon, is one of the most honored and sacred professions,” Eric Grimes, MD, an otolaryngologist at Mercy Health – Willard Ear, Nose and Throat, shares. “People put their trust, and often their lives, in our hands and I am grateful for the opportunity to

provide for their care and be a meaningful part of their lives.”

Dr. Grimes shares he was inspired to become a doctor because he comes from a medical family.

“I am the third generation in medical practice, following my grandfather, aunts and uncles,” he proudly states. “The opportunity to be a part of a community and to care for others is an important part of my family and upbringing that I carry on today.”

Dr. Grimes was initially drawn to work with our ministry because his philosophy and our mission are both focused on the patient as well as the wellness of mind, body and spirit.

“It has been a pleasure to work in a nurturing and supportive environment and to provide the best care for my patients,” he says.

Ear, nose and throat (ENT) might be a small specialty, but it has a large scope of patients as well as many ailments ranging from hearing and balance, speech and voice, allergy and sinus, thyroid disease, cancer of the head and neck, among many others.

“All this keeps the work interesting and varied,” Dr. Grimes shares. “Our work often has a great impact on a patient’s quality of life which makes it a rewarding career.”

Dr. Grimes has a special interest in ear surgery and hearing. He offers treatments ranging from ear tubes to major reconstruction procedures and bone-anchored hearing devices.

“As for outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my four boys and wife,” he says. “I also enjoy working with my hands.”

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