JoAnn N. Ragan-Kyser

JoAnn’s Passion for Teaching Others in Nursing

May 10 2021

JoAnn N. Ragan-Kyser BSN, RN, a nurse professional development coordinator, is dedicated to bettering our ministry in our Youngstown market as well as herself through education.

“I began my journey towards the path of nursing well over 40 years ago on kindergarten career day,” she shares. “I wore a little nurse’s uniform with a paper cap and plastic toy nurse bag.”

JoAnn was always interested in becoming a nurse.

“I became a state-tested nursing aide, and that is when I fell in love with the geriatric population as well as the rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury patients.”

After finding her passion, JoAnn was encouraged to take the nursing entrance exam and begin her education in nursing.

JoAnn has always wanted to use her nursing journey to help others through professional development. Serving as a clinical instructor and a unit-based educator, she has still found opportunities to help team members in more ways.

“A new education group was developed, known as Nurse Professional Development Associates (NPDAs). I made the leap of faith and applied,” Leah shares. “I was offered a position with the team in the Youngstown market, and I have loved the opportunity to help create education for current and new nurses for our ministry.”

JoAnn will receive her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in June and plans to continue her education afterward.

“I think my true drive to move forward with my MSN program was that I absolutely love being able to teach future nurses…,” she says.

JoAnn adds, “there is something profoundly special about helping someone else achieve their dream to be in health care. We need quality educators to inspire future generations, just as my instructors did for me along my journey!”

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