Renette Riethman with her team members

Nurse Renette Receives Support from Her Team Members After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Oct 20 2021

When Renette Riethman saw the yearly routine mammography reminder on her counter, she initially questioned it.

“I just didn’t think it was time yet,” she recalls. “However, as it laid there, I got a feeling I should go.”

The Mercy Health – St. Rita’s Medical Center nurse of 32 years thought this checkup would be like her other yearly appointments. However, she was very wrong. Within two days after her mammogram, she was in contact and meeting with staff at the St. Rita’s Women’s Wellness Center to discuss her breast cancer diagnosis.

The center was helpful to Renette in many ways. They assisted in answering any questions she had, discussed treatment options and had her appointments already scheduled before she left the office during her first appointment. Throughout her months of surgery and radiation, their support and helpfulness never wavered.

As Renette waits to hear if she is completely cancer free, she credits the wellness center team for their work.  

“They were extremely organized and efficient. Had the Mercy Health – St. Rita’s Wellness Center not been there, this cancer would still be dragging on,” she says.

Additionally, her Mercy Health – St. Rita’s Medical Center team members and care team have also helped to encourage her throughout her breast cancer battle. One specific memory of her walking into her unit stays as a constant reminder that she is supported.

“I walked into the unit, and there they all were. Each of them was wearing matching #TeamRenette shirts.”

It brought Renette to tears and reminded her that even though they all may work at St. Rita’s Medical Center, they are family.

“And in this family, no one fights alone,” Renette adds.

If you notice any irregularities around your breast, it is important to have it checked out immediately by your health care provider. Check out our tips for completing a breast self-exam.

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