A quote from the 2021 poem.

Start Your Year with This 2021 Poem

Dec 29 2020

This past year has been a year unlike anything we have seen before. Our daily lives were disrupted, plans were cancelled and some of us sadly experienced the loss of loved ones. However, as we head into this new year, it is a great time to remember our blessings and fill ourselves with hope.

Craig Alter, one of our marketing managers in Cincinnati, wrote the following, beautiful poem about 2021. Take some time to enjoy it and reflect on its words as 2020 comes to a close.


My wish as we transition to a new year;
is a return to normal and the things we hold dear.
I dream of going to concerts and sporting events;
and to be in a theatre that says, “AMC presents”.

I want to hug my friends and shake people’s hands;
I want to travel to distant, far-away lands.
I want to kiss my parents on the cheek;
shed the masks and smile all week.

I want the “new normal” to transition back to the “normal”;
with weddings that are large and formal.
I want in-person connection and lots of hope;
without always worrying “where’s the nearest soap?”

The holidays are near and a time for rebirth;
the vaccine is coming for all the earth.
2020 has caused us to change our ways;
but hopefully opened our eyes to how we spend our days.

Patience is a virtue I’ve tried to remember;
as this long year slowly moves into December.
My wish and prayer for my family and friends;
is a return to freedom after this yearly cleanse.

Next year I’m hopeful, I’ll be amongst the crowds;
at a baseball game looking up at the clouds.
Singing out loud watching my favorite band;
vacationing with others on the Caribbean sand.

Stay healthy and fit and say your prayers;
be hopeful and trust the man upstairs.

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