How My Primary Care Doctor Improved My Life

Jul 18 2019

For more than two decades, Deborah McCullough has had complicated health issues.

What started as pain from a serious back injury has turned into a current list of conditions that could make her life miserable. However, thanks to caring treatment from her physician, Craig Recko, MD, at Mercy Health – Vermilion Primary Care, she says she is back to enjoying each day. She says she has a renewed outlook on life.

“For so many years, my health seemed to be an uphill battle,” explains the 55-year-old Wakeman resident. “My pain was so bad that I had to go on disability in 1996, and over time, I have been diagnosed with multiple conditions.”

Diabetes, asthma, osteoarthritis, bipolar disorder and double pneumonia are some of the medical conditions the former Department of Veterans Affairs employee has found most challenging. However, the bright spot in this has been her long-time relationship with Dr. Recko and his staff.

“From the moment I walked into his office five years ago, Dr. Recko made me feel comfortable,” says Deborah. “He spends time answering my questions and researching the best ways to treat my conditions.”

“He encourages me to be the best I can be and has gone the extra mile to get me access to the services I need to improve my health.”

To manage her health, Deborah has regular appointments every three months and receives a monthly phone call from a nurse. They review her medications while discussing her physical and emotional health.

“The care is amazing,” she says. “Dr. Recko truly understands the complexity of my issues and has made life-changing recommendations that allow me to live a more active life.”

Once confined to a wheel chair from a spinal injury, Deborah was frustrated. Dr. Recko and his team has helped her regain her confidence and prescribed physical therapy. Overtime, Deborah has progressed from a wheelchair, to a walker, to a cane, to now moving around without any walking aids.

Realizing that Deborah had mobility issues, Dr. Recko arranged for an Ohio Home Care Waiver so Deborah’s house could be upfitted with a ramp and safety improvements in her bathroom. He also worked with Deborah to develop a weight loss plan. It has helped her lose 60 pounds and lead a more active lifestyle.

“I cannot say enough about the kindness, compassion and excellent care I have received through Mercy Health and Dr. Recko,” Deborah states. “Thanks to his interest in my health and in me as a person, I am back on my feet and enjoying life.”

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