Heading Out of Town for The Holidays? Complete a Travel Advice Evisit

Nov 15 2019

Complete a Travel Advice Evisit today

Preparing for an international vacation or extended trip within the United States this holiday season? Mercy Health has got you covered! We are here to help make it easy for you to prepare without even leaving your house.

Adults 18 years and older are eligible to complete a Travel Advice Evisit with Mercy Health.

Your Evisit process will begin with a questionnaire about your upcoming travel. It will include common questions your physician would ask during your typical in-office visit such as:

  • Where you are traveling
  • How long you’ll be there
  • What types of activities you might be doing
  • Any other medical information your doctor should be aware of

After your questionnaire is submitted, your Mercy Health doctor will review it along with your medical history. From there, you’ll simply receive a message from your doctor outlining a care plan as well as any recommendations they may have. No online videos or chats are necessary.

“Evisits have been a great option for helping my patients where they are – and I love that I can help them, even if they don’t physically come to my office,” says Betsy Drake, M.D., medical director of the Mercy Health Evisit Program and practicing primary care physician.

More information about Mercy Health Evisits

An Evisit is a fast, affordable and secure way to receive an online diagnosis and treatment plan for common, non-urgent medical conditions.

To schedule an Evisit, you must have a MyChart account. If you don’t yet have an account, learn how you can set one up.

Once logged into your MyChart account, simply click ‘Begin an Evisit.’

Visit the Mercy Health website to learn more about how MyChart Evisits are conducted. If you’d rather see your physician in person, find a Mercy Health doctor near you.

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