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10 Medical Conditions You Can Treat with an Evisit

Jun 21 2018

No time for the doctor? No problem. Introducing Mercy Health Evisits to help treat your non-emergency conditions online.

If you’re anything like us, sickness tends to strike your household at the most inconvenient times. A cough arrives the day before a big work presentation. Or, the day before you leave for summer vacation is when you contract poison ivy from the garden.

Oftentimes, finding the time to go to a doctor’s office can get in the way of receiving the medical attention we need. And that’s why we’ve launched Evisits. Evisits are online visits with the Mercy Health doctors you know and trust. Evisits can be used in place of a traditional office visit, making them a great alternative during the summertime months especially, when many of us are busy travelling or home with the kids.

Ten ailments that can be treated online

Evists help treat non-emergency medical conditions. This means there are still certain conditions that require an in-person visit. However, these ten commonly diagnosed ailments can all be treated online.

  1. Sinus, cold and cough – sinus inflammation may hinder the ability for mucus to drain. While antibiotics may not always be necessary for treatment, they are available.
  2. Back pain – back pain is first treated by a primary care provider. If pain continues, you will be referred to a specialist.
  3. Diarrhea – your doctor can help you determine if medication is needed. If not, he or she can recommend diet and lifestyle changes to help.
  4. Urinary problems – from incontinence to urinary tract infections, our doctors can help diagnose and treat a range of common urinary problems.
  5. Heartburn – learn what’s causing the burning sensation in your chest and how you can fix it.
  6. Headache – solving everything from tension headaches to migraines.
  7. Poison ivy – while it isn’t always necessary to see a doctor for poison ivy, it may be helpful if your rash is widespread or results in blisters.
  8. Vaginal issues – learn more about what’s causing vaginal discharge, itching, burning or odors, and how these can be treated.
  9. Pinkeye – pinkeye doesn’t always need to be treated by a physician. However, it can be helpful to see a doctor to diagnose if red and swollen eyes are a result of pinkeye, a stye, or allergic reaction.
  10. Follow ups for allergies, insomnia and hypothyroid – continue your treatment for these common conditions with a quick check-in.

How to Schedule an Evisit

Evisits are available for adults who have an established relationship with a Mercy Health advanced practice or primary care provider. Because Evisits are run through MyChart, you must have a MyChart account to schedule an Evisit. Learn more about setting up a MyChart account here.

Once you’ve logged into your MyChart account, simply click ‘Begin an Evisit.’ You will be prompted to answer a series of questions, which a Mercy Healthy primary care provider will review alongside your medical history. After review, you’ll simply receive a message from your doctor – no online videos or chats necessary.

Visit the Mercy Health website to learn more about how MyChart Evisits are conducted. If your condition doesn’t qualify for an Evisit but you’re still interested in seeing a physician, we’re here for you. Find a doctor near you.

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