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Managing Type 2 Diabetes: How One Patient Stays on Track

Nov 6 2017

November is National Diabetes Month — do you know what managing diabetes every day is like?

Ron Douglas is feeling healthy, strong, and breathing better. But managing his type 2 diabetes wasn’t always easy for him. This National Diabetes month, we’re bringing attention to patients like Ron, who are making admirable changes to better their health and future.

“You just have to really understand how important it is to you,” Ron says. “If you stay the course and listen to the advice you’re given from experts; you will begin to feel the improvement.”

We recommend that patients who are managing diabetes avoid concentrated sugars and trans fats and limit carbohydrates. A diet rich in protein and vegetables can help with lowering blood sugar and losing weight.

One of the hardest changes for Ron was limiting desserts, which he often had after every meal. However, in partnership with his Mercy Health dietitian, Ron was able to find balance and make changes that better impacted his health.

“Everyone is apprehensive about lifestyle change,” Ron says. “Caitlin was very helpful to us to help understand what we needed to be aware of in the way of food groups, combinations of things we eat, and those things we should eat less of to get out of the habits we’ve formed through the years.”

Through breaking old patterns and replacing them with healthier ones, Ron is serving as an example to us all. Watch Ron’s video below to hear how he transformed his lifestyle to better manage his diabetes and overall health.

If you’re interested in seeing what working with a dietitian could do for you, reach out to our team to learn more. We also have primary care physicians available to discuss or assess your risk for diabetes. Call us at 513-952-5000 to find an expert located in your area today. For more information, you can also read Sam’s story about successfully living with diabetes,

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