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Successfully Living with Diabetes: Sam Adams

Nov 3 2017

Living with diabetes is not a death sentence; hear how one patient is successfully living with diabetes.

Sam Adams was with his family at the holidays when he started experiencing a heart rate so rapid that it felt like a panic attack. When he saw how high his blood pressure was, he decided to go to the emergency room.

That’s when Sam learned that he had diabetes. He met with a Mercy Health primary care doctor, and they partnered to manage his diabetes moving forward.

“I did everything they coached me through,” Sam said. “I was in routine contact…we got my A1C down from 11.9 to a 5.6 within six months.”

One of Sam’s biggest hurdles with his diagnosis was his extreme fear of needles. To conquer his needle phobia, Sam’s care team worked with him to find the best ways to test his blood sugar and give himself insulin injections.

“Diabetes is not a death sentence,” Sam says. “It is an illness you can live with — and live a long, normal, and healthy life.”

One of the biggest lessons Sam has learned since his diagnosis? Many people don’t have the information they need for successfully living with diabetes day-in and day-out.

If you or a loved one is living with diabetes and need a trusted partner to help manage your experience, reach out to one of our primary care doctors today at 513-952-5000.

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