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Experiencing Knee Pain? Meet Two of Our Surgeons Who Can Help

Apr 5 2022

For the many Americans suffering from knee pain, more than half of them are experiencing this pain because of damage to the cartilage in the knee. This chronic pain can have a major impact on your quality of life, making simple activities like standing and walking excruciatingly painful.

The cartilage in our knees can’t heal on its own and many surgical options only offer temporary solutions. Fortunately, two of our surgeons, Mahmoud Almasri, MD, (pictured above, right) and Brian Chilelli, MD, (pictured above, left) are the first in Cincinnati, Ohio to offer a minimally invasive procedure using a MACI (matric induced autologous chondrocyte implantation) technique.

The MACI procedure is innovative because it involves regrowing the patient’s own cartilage cells in a lab and then replanting them in the knee through tiny incisions. Typically, MACI implantation is performed through an open incision. However, select procedures can now be done arthroscopically.

“As opposed to open-knee surgery, this MACI cartilage restoration procedure is performed entirely through minimally invasive camera arthroscopy, minimizing pain and expediting recovery,” Dr. Almasri says.

The MACI procedure is a two-step process. First, an arthroscopy is performed to remove a sample of the patient’s cartilage and determine the extent of the damage. This cartilage sample is then used to regrow the cells which will be placed during the second procedure.

“By using a patient’s own cells, we create a durable replacement that will last for years,” Dr. Chilelli adds.

Following the procedure, the new cartilage cells will regenerate and fill the damaged area. Patients will also go through a specially designed rehabilitation program to help restore strength and mobility.

Again, Dr. Almasri and Dr. Chilelli are currently the only providers in Cincinnati offering a minimally invasive MACI procedure! Visit our website if you are experiencing knee pain and would like to schedule an appointment.

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