Tom Geiger

Tom’s Gratitude for His Lung Cancer Care Team

Nov 2 2021

Tom Geiger shares that he is extremely grateful for his care team at Mercy Health – Springfield Regional Medical Center.

Earlier this year, one night around 2:30 a.m., Tom passed out in his home and was taken to the emergency room. While there, he underwent a series of tests and doctors found a spot on his right lung. After receiving a positive biopsy, Tom was diagnosed with stage 1B lung cancer.

“After the first diagnosis, I was like ‘oh gee.’ It left me numb. It didn’t really sink in at first. I don’t smoke, and I never did, so the diagnosis sort of threw me,” Tom says.

After discussing and coming up with a treatment plan, Amit Arora, MD, a Mercy Health thoracic surgeon, performed a lobectomy procedure that removed the center of Tom’s right lobe. Tom then went through several months of chemotherapy.

During his time at the Mercy Health – Springfield Regional Cancer Center, Tom met Angela Wagner, RN, lung care coordinator.

“I cared for Tom in the hospital after his surgery when he transferred to the cancer center,” Angela shares. “During this time when I was able to care for Tom, I felt very close with him and his wife, Linda. I was blessed that I could be a part of this trying journey with them.”

Tom’s lung cancer was luckily caught early on, so he was able to undergo surgery and treatment that worked for him.

“I had the best surgery team,” Tom says. “I received the utmost best care. The nurses were with me all the time and were super attentive. I thought to myself that this is the best place I can be right now. God’s blessing on all those who cared for me.”

Tom adds, “I’m just excited to be able to breathe again. I have a positive outlook on the future and feel confident that I was able to come out on the other side. I am taking things one day at a time and remain positive.”

Early detection is the best prevention for lung cancer as well as any other type of cancer. Be sure to stay on top of your health care screenings.

Also, learn more about lung cancer as well as the cancer care services we offer at Mercy Health.

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