Rachael Honored to Assist Mothers in Their Birth Journey

Mar 5 2024

Rachael Newsom, RN, BSN, a labor and delivery nurse at Mercy Health – Springfield Regional Medical Center, has delivered two of her four children on the same unit where she works as a labor and delivery nurse!

Choosing to deliver at Springfield Regional Medical Center was an easy decision because of the friendships she’s created on her unit. In fact, Tricia, one of her closest coworkers, was her labor nurse for her last two childbirth experiences. Rachael credits her for teaching her more about labor and delivery and the excellent care she received during her deliveries.

“I work with such wonderful and knowledgeable doctors and midwives,” Rachael says. “There are so many members from our team, from the certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) who provide anesthesia to our doctors, nurses, midwives and technicians. I’m honored to be able to collaborate and work with so many amazing people.”

Rachael first joined our ministry in 2018 and has been in her most recent role since July of 2020. She was inspired to go into nursing after watching nurses take care of her grandfather after an accidental drowning. She ultimately chose to become a labor and delivery nurse after she didn’t love experiences she had when her first two children were born.  

“I wanted to care for mommas during their birthing experiences and have since fallen in love with women’s health, especially labor and delivery,” Rachael explains. “I help advocate, educate and support women through their birthing experience.”

To Rachael, there are so many special moments because of her role in labor and delivery. Whether it’s seeing patients bring multiple children into the world, having patients or family members stop her in public to say hello because they remembered her from their birth experience or hearing that she helped make someone’s delivery easier, those are all moments that stand out the most.

“I love being a labor and delivery nurse because I get to be part of a mother’s journey in one of the most monumental moments of their life,” Rachael adds.  “As a woman and a mom, I feel like I can relate to them and that helps me be a better nurse for my patients.”

Although there can be hard or even scary moments as a labor and delivery nurse, she believes these moments help strengthen her as a person and as a nurse.

On one occasion, a patient asked if Rachael could stay throughout the spinal process for her C-section because she thought it would help her stay calm. After a successful delivery, Rachael checked in on the new mom, who expressed her gratitude for going above and beyond to keep her calm and help safely deliver her baby.

“It’s so rewarding to me, the bond that we create with patients during this time, because of the nature of our work,” Rachael explains. “I’m honored to have my job and want my patients to look back on their experience and feel respected and cared for during such an important moment.”

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