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3 Services Our Human Performance Program Offers

Apr 22 2022

All parents want to help their kids to be successful and happy. For parents of student athletes, that means becoming a chauffeur to practices, games and tournaments. It also means paying for the best equipment and sport leagues.

Part of this might include exploring the opportunity that is our human performance program for your athlete.

What is our human performance program?

Human performance is, of course, a broad term. But simply put, our human performance program is a series of offerings designed to maximize athletic performance while minimizing injury.

Those offerings include:

  • Human performance assessments
  • Sports performance packages
  • Total human performance package

Furthermore, each offering is tailored to meet the needs of the participant.

Human performance assessments

Human performance assessments are a series of tests that can determine the health and fitness of an individual. These could include body composition, isokinetic strength, metabolic performance, 2D motion capture as well as bilateral and unilateral balance.

Each assessment offers a unique perspective on health and fitness levels and, when combined, helps paint a full picture of an athlete.

Sports performance packages

Becoming an athlete requires more than just working out. You need nutrition, training and professionals who can help you improve movement and recovery. Our sports performance packages are specifically designed to maximize performance by combining services that work together to achieve your athletic goals.

Sports performances packages are designed around specific activities or movements common to different sports. Packages are available that focus on runners, triathletes, golfers, tennis and baseball players. There are also packages dedicated to lower extremity sports, where running, jumping and cutting are required, as well as upper extremity sports, meant for racquet sports, swimming sports and throwing.

Total human performance package

And finally, the total human performance package is designed to improve athletic performance, reduce injury and correct nutritional strategies with a three-day series of performance assessments. It includes all the human performance assessments and must be completed within a 10-day period with a recommended one day of recovery.

Rocky Tekulve, our human performance program manager at Mercy Health, has been helping athletes for years. 

“It’s exciting to have access to all of these great assessments and programs packaged up and available to the athletes we serve,” Rocky says. “From high school athletes to triathletes to weekend warriors – we’ve got programs that can help athletes at any age improve their athletic ability in a safe, effective and positive environment.”

Now, we know this is a lot. But as parents, a lot is part of our DNA when it comes to our kids. And if you are a golfer, tennis player or avid runner yourself, this program is a great fit for you too.

To learn more about these three options, call our human performance team at 513-985-1267. They can help to point you in the right direction to build a program to help you or your student.

You can schedule an appointment today at one of these locations:

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