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Mercy Stories: A Better Joint Replacement Experience

Feb 27 2019

A second hip replacement in Lorain, OH

When Patricia DeBracy first learned she needed another hip replacement, she was hesitant. Patricia had her left hip replaced in 2002 at an out-of-area hospital. That replacement caused a lot of suffering and a lengthy recovery.

But after living with persistent pain in her right hip, she knew it needed to be replaced. For this surgery, Patricia selected a local orthopedic surgeon, William Stanfield, MD at Mercy Health – Lorain Hospital,  for surgery and rehab. She underwent the procedure in July and says it was a totally different experience.

“When I woke up after surgery, I thought they had not done it yet,” explained the 72-year-old Lorain resident. “I was completely comfortable and had a team of nurses who were constantly monitoring my condition.”

Hip replacement recovery and rehab

Patricia was admitted to the neurology unit, where she says that she was “amazed” by the soothing environment and level of care. After a two-day stay in that unit, she was transferred to rehab. She praised both nursing units, noting their dedication to her individual care.

“While many hospitals are noisy, the units were quiet, yet, nurses and staff were constantly active and checking on patients,” Patricia said. “Someone stopped by every hour to make sure I had what I needed.”

And Patricia says she did have everything she needed. In addition to the helpful nurses, the amenities made a major difference, she said.

“The rehab room was similar to one you would find in a nice hotel with all of the amenities and a spacious bathroom,” she said. “From the housekeeping staff who brought me extra towels and snacks, to the skilled nurses who oversaw my daily care, to the dietary team that delivered meals on a timely basis, I received fabulous care.”

Unfortunately, Patricia suffered a setback. She had to undergo another surgery within a week because of a nerve impingement in her back. Surgeons performed decompression surgery to relieve the pain, and she was then ready for what she called “the hard work of physical therapy.”

Physcial therapy after a hip replacement

“At first I dreaded it, because I knew it would be intense,” said Patricia, who is also a retired registered nurse. “It was, but the personable staff pulled me ‘out of the ditch.’ They led me through exercises that helped me gauge my progress. The patients and staff interacted, making it feel more like a club, making it feel so uplifting and happy.

After discharge, Patricia has continued outpatient therapy at Mercy Health – Amherst Outpatient Rehabilitation & Therapy, where she says she has made even more impressive gains. Just recently, Patricia has been able to return to her favorite hobby, gardening.

“I have so many people to thank for the excellent care – from Dr. Stanfield for performing my surgery using advanced methods to Dr. Heather Scullin, the amazing physiatrist in rehab who visited daily, sometimes twice, to Dr. Bo Yoo, who repaired my back, and Dr. Sameh Yonan for pain control. The physicians are unmatched, in my opinion. And, they are supported by an expert team of nurses, therapists and patient care attendants.”

A joint replacement is never easy, but it can make life so much easier in the long run. Read more about joint replacements here: the difference between total and partial joint replacements, how to make a knee replacement easier, and how to get your home ready for a joint replacement.

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