Charles and Becky Wolf with Dr. Ayyash Melhem
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Charles Thankful for Lifesaving Heart Care

Mar 1 2021

On October 19th, 2019, Ayyash Melhem, MD, a cardiologist at Mercy Health – St. Rita’s Medical Center, was contacted by a neighboring emergency room physician about a patient. The patient, Charles Wolf, was experiencing severe chest pain and an abnormal EKG. Providers were worried that he was having an acute anterior wall myocardial infarct, also known as a heart attack.

Charles and his wife, Beck, say they remember the doctor telling them “we are going to send you to the best place to be treated and time is of the essence.”

When Charles arrived at St. Rita’s Medical Center, Dr. Melhem was waiting alongside the cardiac catherization team ready to care for him.

“As suspected based on presentation, Mr. Wolf was found to have an acute heart attack due to significant blockages in a major coronary artery,” Dr. Melhem shares. “The heart attack caused severe weakness in the front part of the heart muscle, leading to acute congestive heart failure.”

Charles underwent a procedure that was successful without any complications. He felt better, and eventually his chest pain resolved. After his procedure, Charles was admitted to the hospital for monitoring and then discharged home after a comprehensive medical treatment plan was in place.

During a follow up appointment, a repeat echocardiogram revealed the complete recovery of Charles’ heart muscle function. Most importantly, he is now back to enjoying a normal, healthy life.

“It has been a true pleasure to take care of Mr. Wolf,” says Dr. Melhem. “Seeing him in office with a big smile on his face, and telling me he feels well, makes me happy and reminds me why I chose this career path!”

“He cares for all of his patients in the most compassionate way,” says Charles of Dr. Melhem.

Charles and his wife are very thankful the team of experts at St. Rita’s Medical Center were able to work quickly and efficiently to save his life.

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