Kim Acosta and Lucille McClendon

How Kim and Lucille Benefited from the Mercy Health Foundation

Dec 1 2020

Happy Giving Tuesday! This holiday was founded back in 2012 with a simple mission, for people to give back to others. At Mercy Health, we are so proud of the Mercy Health Foundation and its donors who do just this in the communities we serve not only during the holiday season, but year-round.

Meet two patients who have benefited from the services of the Mercy Health Foundation this year.

Kim finds the emotional support she needs

Kim Acosta (above left) turned to Mercy Health after a mass was found in her breast. Within 48 hours, Kim had the health care services she needed to fight her cancer. Additionally, because of Mercy Health Foundation donors, Kim was offered emotional support she didn’t even know she needed.

“They asked if I’d like to talk to a social worker,” she recalls. “I said, ‘Hey, I am a social worker, I don’t need a social worker.”

Kim ended up reaching out for those services not just for herself, but for her family too. Foundation donations helped the Acosta family get the support they needed: counseling for Kim and her husband. It provided them a safe place to share their emotions.

Lucille gets critical heart failure care

Mercy Health Foundation donors also help people like Lucille get the health care they need close to home.

Lucille McClendon (above right) didn’t know how to manage her chronic heart failure and couldn’t afford medications for her condition. She was very ill and ended up in the hospital.

After getting discharged, she got help from the Mercy Health — West Hospital Outpatient Wellness Center and a nurse practitioner, whose position is funded by donations to the Mercy Health Foundation. The nurse practitioner helped Lucille learn to manage her heart failure and arranged for prescription assistance through the Medication Assistance Program—another vital service made possible by donations.

Today, Lucille’s heart failure is now under control and she has more energy than ever.

Learn more about Giving Tuesday at the Mercy Health Foundation’s website.

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