Fairfield Hospital nurses with some of their stuffed animals.

Fairfield Hospital Nurses Lift Patients’ Spirits with Stuffed Animals

Jul 13 2020

COVID-19 has left many patients hospitalized for extended periods of time. These long-term hospital stays can weigh heavily on a patient’s spirit, especially with visitor restrictions in place that keep patients separated from their loved ones.

A few nurses at Mercy Health – Fairfield Hospital found a way to bring smiles to the faces to some of their long-term patients by giving them stuffed animals to lift their spirits during their stay.

“Our team wanted to make them smile and have a sense of comfort,” says Natalie Goforth MSN, RN, manager of Mercy Health – Fairfield Hospital’s Cardiovascular Unit and 5 Tower Oncology Medical Surgical Unit.

Natalie continues, “When the bears and stuffed animals were presented, the patients got the biggest smile and grin. We would peek into their rooms through the window and they were often holding the bears when they were alone. That was the greatest heartfelt moment.”

Thank you to the nurses at Mercy Health – Fairfield Hospital who helped make our patients feel more comfortable during their greatest time of need.

Pictured above: Emily Heyob, Ashley Lerma, Maria Moonis, Jina Woodward, T’Anne King

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