Julie Kerr and Jodi Brincefield

Happy EMS Week: Meet Julie and Jodi

May 17 2021

Julie Kerr, EMT-B, at Mercy Health – Life Flight Network LLC in Lima, OH has been with our ministry for five years. She started off as an ambulette driver and after three years became an EMT.

“I never thought I would go into the medical field,” Julie shares. “However, after driving ambulette for a while and getting to know so many of the people on the team, it seemed more realistic. I didn’t think I had what it takes to do the job, but I was pushed by my colleagues to step up because they saw a lot of potential in me.”

Julie says when the COVID-19 pandemic hit there were some small things that changed, like wearing additional personal protective equipment (PPE) and transports rules. However, her role of helping others did not.

In her spare time, Julie volunteers and participates in community theatre. In fact, she has a strong theater background from high school and college.

“It sounds funny, but I have found a lot of parallels between my EMT work and the theater,” says Julie. “Running 911’s is like a performance, from the second that call comes in or the curtain opens you are on and need to do your best. Even when things change and don’t go as planned, the show must go on and the patient is the most important thing.”

Julie really enjoys her field because it provides her with a great sense of teamwork. She looks forward to EMS week and the celebrations because of the time her team gets to spend together.

“The people you work with make all the difference, and I am grateful for the team I get to work with every day,” she says.

Julie doesn’t ride alone and works very closely with Jodi Brincefield, EMT-B at Mercy Health – Life Flight Network LLC in Lima, OH. The two have been friends for 18 years and met while doing a show at the community theater.

Jodi has been with Mercy Health for over 11 years and is also proud to help the community she serves.

“I am a people person and I like to help,” Jodie explains. “I like this job because I can make someone’s day even if it’s just by listening.”

For Jodi, celebrating EMS week is all about the chance to celebrate her team members and the care the entire team provides for patients.

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