Tedra Hunt with her grandma

Tedra’s Team Members Treat Her Family Like Their Family

Jul 8 2022

Tedra Hunt started her career in health care more than 10 years ago and recently completed nursing school. Now, she is proud to be a nurse in the emergency department at Mercy Health – Marcum and Wallace Hospital.

“I first started out as an EMT. While I have left to go to other counties and hospitals, I always ended up coming back to the Marcum and Wallace area,” Tedra shares. “Becoming an ER nurse at Marcum and Wallace Hospital is perfect for me. I get the rush of being an EMT, but now I get to work at a place that feels like home.”

She continues, “I love the family I have built here. I can depend on everyone here. They always have my back and I never feel like I must explain what I am doing. We all trust each other.” 

Throughout the past eight years, Tedra’s grandma, Nannie Hunt (pictured above, left with Tedra),had suffered from dementia. More recently, her health declined and it became clear that she did not have long to live. Nannie was transferred to Marcum and Wallace Hospital. There, Tedra’s work family made her comfortable before she passed on April 24, 2022.  

“They were so open and honest with us,” Tedra recalls. “There is nowhere else I would want her to spend the rest of the days because I knew she was being taken care of. While I was working, my dad and other family members would stay with her.”

Tedra adds, “the care team made sure my family understood everything they were doing. Because of those explanations, I think my family understood grandma’s care better than I did, and I have a background in health care. Even my dad gave praise about the nurses, housekeeping and really anyone who came into the room. I truly believe everyone at Marcum and Wallace always goes above and beyond for any patient they come in contact with.”

One of the reasons Tedra wants to stay and work at Marcum and Wallace Hospital is the community.

“Being a smaller hospital is my favorite thing about Marcum and Wallace,” she says. “I know everyone who works in the hospital! The homey feeling of a smaller hospital allows me to connect to the community, and connections create passions. Now that I’ve completed school, I want to complete my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and continue my education. Who knows which route I will take in the nursing world or where my journey will take me, but I’m excited to find out.”

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